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Bellonias Villas is well established on the volcanic black sand beach of Kamari since 1983. This hotel stands out not only for its design and concept, dining, facilities, location, service and staff emotional connection and impact but mostly for its flair and character that makes this experience feeling unique. This venture has been constantly rewarded by the guests’ reviews on TripAdvisor but also its reference in multiple press articles and publications. 


Boutique Hotel Awards 2017 Nominee

Bellonias Villas announced as a runner-up for Europe's best Beach or Coastal Hotel at the 2017 Boutique Hotel Awards. The full judge review and hotel overview can be found on the official website of Boutique Hotel Awards at the hotel's listing. Bellonias Villas will be also featured in an annual edition "The Book, Boutique Hotel Selection", a definitive guide to the world's finest luxury boutique hotels.


Hip Hotels- “The Other Book- Spectrum”

Bellonias Villas is a proud member of Hip Hotels since 2017 and is also featured at its annual publication "The Other Book- Spectrum". At the second edition, of The Other Book volume II, it is showcased the true beauty of the hotels even when colors are missing, therefore it is displayed just black and white photography. In Spectrum volume II we see the full color range of the hotels divided in 11 color chapters where the transition pages from one color to the other will be exclusive for this edition. With this artistic concept of color blend and patterns representing our Hotels, the viewer gets the chance to enjoy this double-sided book in all of its splendor. Volume III presents Hip Hotels in an artful and immersive manner with leading colors Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, Grey, Turquoise, Pink, Blue, White and Orange. Again its reverse side captures the beauty and essence of Hip Hotels in their most naked form, black and white, without distraction. Bellonias Villas is featured on the cover page of The Other Book - Spectrum Vol. III. 


Paris Vogue Magazine

Greece and its constellation of paradise islands is one of the top destinations for summer holidays. Paris Vogue magazine points out Bellonias Villas as one of the top six favourite spots to stay while in Greece. 


EK Magazine- Architecture plus Design

EK magazine is a monthly publication of architecture and design. Bellonias Villas was featured in the June 2017 issue regarding the hotel's latest renovation in 2016 by K-Studio architects.This renovation concept introduces the use of new elements inspired by the raw materials and natural form of the island, aiming in a further development and update of exterior common areas preserving the hotel's original identity.


Men’s Arena Magazine

Men's Arena, a lifestyle men's magazine features Bellonias Villas hotel at its October-November issue. Travel Stay Escapes article presents Bellonias Villas hotel as the number one beachfront hotel in Santorini and top traveller's choice for 3 consecutive years at the Best Hotels in Greece section according to TripAdvisor.


Soar Magazine

Soar, the award winning quarterly lifestyle magazine with Jet Linx, the single largest Jet Card and Aircraft Management company, present an article with the best of black and white sand beaches. In the Winter 2018 issue, Bellonias Villas is featured as the best place to stay on Kamari award winning black volcanic beach.


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